An Innovative Solution for a Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted by  Lewis Fisher 20-Nov-2014 14:30:00

Lewis is ERIKS Operation Manager for Electro Mechanical Services.

Sewage_Treatment_PlantA recent failure of a Primary Settlement Tank (PST) at a major sewage treatment works in London was one of  the latest projects ERIKS got involved in.

The Challenge...

The failure led to the settled sludge process halting on the tankin question. Inverted sludge started developing on top of the tank and its effective removal was not possible as part of  the treatment process. The sludge is usually removed from the Primary Settlement Tank and refined for power generation on the specifically constructed Sludge Powered Generator (SPG) plant on-site.

Due to the age and nature of the damage that had occurred to the bridge, ERIKS completed a full analysis of the bridge components and were therefore able to complete a survey and compile a large and comprehensive mechanical repair quotation for refurbishment. 

A Bespoke Solution...

ERIKS compiled detailed fabrication drawings in order to accurately quote and manufacture the required components. Once fabrication of the components had been completed, then the removal of the bridge components was carefully planned and co-ordinated using fully insured Scaffolding & Contract Lifts in order to remove the heavily weighted shafts, scrapers, wheels, gearboxes and motors. After the Risk Assessments & Method Statements for the mechanical work, scaffolding, site traffic management and the lifting, the plans were approved. ERIKS were then able to co-ordinate the site attendance and removal of components. 

Fabrication of all materials took 1-2 months and ERIKS were then able to return to site to install the newly fabricated components as required and re-comission the bridge. 

The Follow-Up

Subsequently after completion of the first refurbishment of the PST, the sewage treatment company requested two sets of spares for other tanks on-site. 

Learn more about ERIKS' experience in the wastewater industry and the services we offer hereWater Industry Services

Download a copy of ERIKS Water Industry brochure here. 

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